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Why us?


all the benefits nature has to offer.


Sharbo Aleppo soap control all of its production, growing fruit to the final product without any intermediary. We can therefore say that we manufacture the best Aleppo soap ever excited for generations. You will not find on the market a better price / quality ratio. From a traditional and handcrafted in Aleppo in northern Syria, our olive oil comes from the first cold pressing: there is a difference, is preserved in this way all the virtues of the olive unlike Hot multiple pressures (more commonly called pomace oils) often used in soap making.

The percentage of olive oil and oil of bay laurel integrated at the heart of our products are controlled. So you're guaranteed the quality of our products with impeccable transparency. This is a key element that we wish to emphasize to build lasting trust and assure consumers of the products of impeccable quality. Our Aleppo soap is authentic because they are genuinely manufactured in Aleppo. Finally, we are passionate about our business: to be master soap maker is not within the reach of everyone. Provide you with quality products service is essential for us, for this we use all our know-how to this commitment.

Sharbo family lives in northern Aleppo where the olive and laurel oil are among the purest and finest natural oils in the world. The story behind this soap makes it exceptional for its great antiquity past. Sharbo family started handcrafting the traditional Aleppo soap since 1948 to give our costumers the chance to experience one of the most natural soaps that ever existed. Upon our arrival to Canada, we decided to share the result of this ancient method of soap-making with the rest of the world to keep this Syrian cultural symbol alive. Our customers do not want harmful chemicals being introduced into their systems or their family’s from commercially processed products.

Sharbo family is passionate in handcrafting the traditional Aleppo soap and we promise and guarantee that there are no artificial lathering agents, synthetic additives, preservatives, petroleum products, parabens, fillers, alcohol, GMO's or animal by-products in our products. Aleppo Soap originated from the Syrian city of Aleppo, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world that has stood in its place for more than 8 thousand years, being witness to the rise and falls of many empires. It is known for its great antiquity abound, such as its use by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Queen Zenobia of Syria. It is commonly thought that the process of soap-making emanated from the Levant region (of which Aleppo is a main city) and to have moved west from there to Europe after the first Crusades. The secret behind this soap is the quality of the laurel berry and olive fruits that grows in Aleppo. 

Traditional Aleppo soap is handcrafted with olive oil, laurel berry oil, water and lye. As it is produced only from natural oils, Aleppo soap is biodegradable. Aleppo soap can be used daily as soap for washing and shampooing, as face mask, as shaving cream, and for bathing infants and babies. Laurel oil is an effective cleanser and anti-itching agent. Syrians have spent more than a decade in the misery of war and our main goal is to help the Syrian community and the Aleppo soap-masters through these hard days to keep this Syrian cultural symbol alive.

aleppo soap aleppo soap canada sharbo so

Sharbo Aleppo Soap Since 1948. All rights reserved © 2024

Aleppo Soap Savon d'Alep
Aleppo Soap Savon d'Alep
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