Aleppo soap Savn d'Alep Laurel Soap
Aleppo soap Savn d'Alep Laurel Soap
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Both manufacturer and distributor, the company Sharbo is fully specializing in natural soap based on olive oil and laurel oil. Under the brand Aleppo Soap Sharbo, we provide care for the whole body and hair with Aleppo soap, made with a craftsmanship in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria .
The Sharbo brand from a sharing of knowledge that reflects the naturalness and sincerity of Aleppo soap originating in the source, simply.
Sharbo is the manufacturer of the real Aleppo soap which all the ingredients are natural and organic. Naturally nutritious products, Sharbo brings in its simplest form, all the benefits nature has to offer.

Sharbo Syrian society has been active for over 50 years in Aleppo soap as a manufacturer and distributor. We distribute care products and body hair essentially based on olive oil. The famous Sharbo Aleppo soap is manufactured using traditional and artisanal method, Aleppo soap made only of olive oil and laurel oil.

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Aleppo soap Savn d'Alep Laurel Soap